WHERE DOES ANDY LIVE?                

Myrtle Beach, S.C  But Andy is a VERY busy woman and mother, so splits her time between Myrtle Beach and her home gym in Karate Mafia in Bossier City LA.




 ANDY’S START IN MMA?                    

Andy’s introduction to MMA was anything but normal. Perhaps more “instinctual” is the most accurate way to describe the encounter and her entry. Having sold her saloon business and just moved out to Myrtle Beach, she only knew her then boyfriend and son’s father and his friends.

They were all headed to a sold out MMA event and Andy was actually “DRAGGED” along! In her words exactly:

“None of it got me interested or excited until I saw the 115 pound women fighting! Then straight away I ran over to my partner and said I can do that! He laughed and said you know it is ALL YOU!”


His friends laughed and said no she’s too pretty and petite (Andy had actually done some modelling prior)  But her boyfriend simply said you don’t know her, and encouraged her to pursue her goal…

He found a good solid gym for her to start out, and Andy tried out her 1st ammatur fight 4 months later and was hooked after winning it!

Andy also won an ammatur 115 pound title. NFC  (NAtional Fighting Championship ) in 2014 although it has not been recorded along with some of her other ammatur fights.



Late 2009 Andy started at Fitness Edge MMA in Myrtle Beach SC. But in her ammatur career quickly found it difficult to improve as there were no female athletes to train with and this made for a very problematic situation when trying to improve.

It was at this point Andy with the help of her ex, who she points out has been amazingly supportive. Began to split her time between two camps.

*Kyra Batara

One with 10th Planet in Las Vegas with Kyra Batara who is currently the Combate Americas world champion & Karate Mafia in Bossier City Louisiana with Donny Aaron and Andrea KGB Lee who is currently the LFA flyweight world champion!

Both were great for her and the travel and family structure were the only natural obstacles in being able to continue to do the dual camps. Additionally Andy still kept a daytime job as so many fighters do to make ends meet while they put everything into their dream of this sport.

*Andrea KGB Lee

Eventually Donny Aaron, from Karate Mafia told her she should really make the move and keep a better focus strategy on one camp to simplify her life.

This led her to slowly make the move across to Karate Mafia today (not many people can pack up overnight and leave their family, and Andy was no different. She had a lot of work and home support network to arrange before it could all fall into place). And again with the support from her ex, she expresses her gratitude in the sense that he has been instrumental in her being able to pursue her martial arts career and being able to settle into making Karate Mafia her home as well as making time to keep seeing her son.

Since that time Andy and Andrea have essentially become best friends ass well as training partners.

Among being a muay thai practitioner, Andy is a blue belt in BJJ, winning a gold NOGI at NAGA 2015 along the way to her progression.

 OUTSIDE OF MMA?                              

As some but not THAT many people realise, the life of a mixed martial artist essentially consists of exactly that! Martial Arts day in day out!

But in her spare time Andy likes to spend as much time as possible with her son Sebastian, who lives with his father (Luke). Andy loves movies and just a little bit of relaxing in her down time. Other hobbies include; Shooting guns, Billiards, Cooking, Hitting the Batting Cage and Golf. Although a few days off from training might be needed to clean the dust from her Golf Clubs.

Andy loves what she does and would probably prefer to be in the cage than anywhere else. She has a very fun and lively side to her fighting attitude, Rizin is probably the best stage where Andy get’s to show her true colors and flare for the entertainment factor as much as the fight itself!