It’s an old adage but an often forgotten one today.

Until you try to look at the world through someone else’s eyes or walk in their shoes you can never really begin to understand their position.

Whether it be in business, lifestyle, or simply standards of happiness… Who is one to judge another, until we have walked or examined someone else’s view?

Andy was reminded of this on her most recent return to Vietnam where she attended a wedding. I will let her describe her experience on her return and instead of me butchering her words trying to explain what she wrote…

“ There’s another world out there, and we so often forget to look at it…

It took me 36 years to figure it out.

It took my father’s death for me to visit Vietnam for the 1st time…

Now I’m on my 2nd visit. It’s different when visiting a place to go and fight because your focus is solely on the event! You get very little time to go out and just be with the people as in ‘everyday life’.

So these times have been very different.  It’s amazing to learn the culture here.

A great example of this is how the lady that owns the little coffee shop down the road to where I was staying.

She was so HAPPY to work in her own business, but her business was also literally her OWN HOME, in this heat, & in this poverty. But she was content.

The space was as big as my bathroom back in America. But she always smiled, and had her friends chatting with her and was content and clearly at peace with her own shop / house and friends and lifestyle.

I ALWAYS feel a little more alive when I visit now, I try to soak in these little sublte moments that I never fully had the time or opportunity to do before even though I was traveling. But it’s different now.



I was invited to my first traditional vietnamese wedding IN VIETNAM! How cool is that!

It was too hot to wear an ao dai (vietnamese dress) so I stuck with my short yellow romper. Lol.

Between fighting the jetlag & heat, I still got some great training in also though!

Duh! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t!

Thank you Saigon Sports Club for welcoming me in like family once again.

I cant wait to come back. I’ll make sure its longer next time. “


Keep an eye out for more information on Andy’s upcoming foghf details soon!!! 🤗😳 Woot!!