Andy Nguyen is all set to face off against the darling of Japanese wmma Rena Kubota this October in the 1st ever RIZIN WMMA atomweight World Tournament!

At the original opening press conference, Rena vs Andy was announced as the very first bout amongst the tournament brackets, this is where Rena decided to start the “games” and choke out a picture of Andy who was of course over in the United States in another timezone and country at the time.

It’s also known Rena has managed a good ‘lifestyle’ herself even though being so young. She has a solid Nike deal in place, appears on national TV as a regular ‘celebrity’ and this often translates to her confidence, inside and outside of the ring.

Ironically Andy is well known for being a restrained and respectful opponent regardless of the banter beforehand.

However this initiation by the young Japanese star at the presser, initiated a ‘fun’ response from Andy, both mocking Rena, and a little of the MayMac “Money” fight, with everyone so obsessed about the ‘money’ side of it.


Well it seems to have gathered a little momentum and has appeared in multiple sites around the world. Ranging, from the UK, to Miamisports, to WMMARankings, FighterDojo, Mmamadhouse and many more….

And now it has finally reached home back to Rena’s homeland of Japan hitting the biggest MMA site in Japan . So I guess we can call the rely global now!

Whilst the translation of the meaning behind the post was read into a little too deeply.

There was some small confusion over why a bikini was worn, anyone following Andy knows that’s just Andy!

However there is no mistake, the point was made and one thing is for certain….


Rena certainly knows Andy is on the way!

Keep on reppin’ Andy! 😉