This weekend Andy Nguyen will be the world’s 1`st MMA athlete to use multiple Crypto currencies in the real world and cross pollinate this to her own online brand.

Last month we saw Jinh Yu Frey use a Bitcoin QR code during her title fight with Soe Hee Ham in RoadFC in Korea.

Andy Nguyen is going to be entering the King of the Cage this weekend with not just a Bitcoin QR code but an entire Crypto market space of real-estate on her outfit dedicated for online the digital currency market!

So what is it exactly and how does this work?

For those new or unfamiliar to the space.

The Crypto Currency market is simply a market place of digital currencies or tokens such as Bitcoin. (Digital money markets are the ‘most over simplified’ way to describe this marketplace.)

This marketplace is now nearing 1 trillion dollars in daily capital trading, with many people around the world using their preferred “crypto” as an alternative to a savings account with many of the world’s fiat (paper money) currencies such as the USD, EURO, GBP, YEN, AUD and other top world currencies slowly depreciating over the past 2 years, whilst the digital currency market has been showing large returns by comparison.

Andy who also fights in Japan for RIZIN, explained why she felt there was a need to make such a big shift in her marketing and most importantly for any fighter take up so much “sale-able real-estate” on their fight gear that might normally go to a local sponsor.

For me the decision was actually really easy! – Andy said. The initial thought came from Jinh’s title fight. But I had a little discussion with a friend and we thought why stop there?

The market is MASSIVE, and especially in a place like Japan where I also fight!

Here in the US basically everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but not many people understand it. But In many parts of Asia they use many different types of Crypto Currencies in daily life, to pay for dinners, tip street performers; there are even Bitcoin ATM’s in most Family Marts (Our Seven-11 stores). A lot of people have them as savings accounts and also traditional money.

For me this became a real no brainer when I received some funding from an overseas sponsor and he asked if I had any type of crypto currency account. When I asked for a bank transfer instead I not only had to wait days for the funds, but realized I had received less because the bank took a conversion fee, and then a transfer fee on top as well!

This doesn’t happen in the crypto world. This is why I am selecting major coins and intend to start here. I will be passing on the savings on all my merchandise via my online store, and have also come up with a “SCAN ME” concept!


Now this is perhaps where the whole thing gets REALLY interesting! Its here you begin to understand why an athlete might set aside precious real-estate on fight gear!

With RIZIN averaging 10-12 million viewers in Japan alone and a further 5-7 million in Russian TV. Even King of the Cage is being broadcast to 40 million homes in the US (all be it the viewer level is nothing like RIZIN).

It may certainly look strange to the unfamiliar of this new monetary world seeing QR codes on an athlete. Andy may be paving the way for MMA and in fact any sport.

But when you understand the concept of being able to “pause or take a photo of her bank account” on the TV and send her a performance “TIP” for as little as what she describes 50c , you can begin to understand the potential, especially when you are looking at RIZIN’s viewer numbers.

So expect 2018 to be rather interesting advertising models, where athletes and fans can connect directly now on a financial level more than ever before.

SCAN ME! Can you perhaps elaborate or explain exactly what you mean by the Scan me concept?

“Sure the ‘SCAN ME’ idea is exactly as it says! For people who use or are familiar with crypto currency will understand you can simply take a picture of a QR code and this is someone’s bank account. So in this case all of these are mine and in different currencies!

And previously unlike before where someone who liked my fight or performance, and wanted to send a message and a small token of gratitude. The only way was something like PayPal. But now they can send me a message and small amount of appreciation as little as 50c and the fee to send it might be less than 1c!

Given how tough times are and tight money in general is. I simply see this as a new and easy way for people support me, or buy autograph photos, products or simply say ‘great fight’ here’s $1 or $2 for putting on a great show and they don’t need to worry about spending $5 bucks on a PayPal fee just to say it!

The other thing I really like about it is that the QR codes can be saved and used whenever the person want’s as they never change! And I can add in any new coin that people want to see!

As far as I know aside from Jinh using the Bitcoin QR, I will definitely be the 1st to take on-board the market to this level in MMA. We are even upgrading my site to have a live conversion mechanism, so it lets you choose the values in the crypto or the equivalent amount in fiat (paper money) currency from the country you are living in.

So if you are visiting my site say from Canada and want to pay in Litecoin, you can view the price in CAD or Litecoin but still pay using Litecoin or USD or CAD!

LoL! I am probably sounding more excited than I should but I am weight cutting too!

Plus I know when I fight next for RIZIN in Japan we will do something really special to really hit home with this.

I’ll probably become the SCAN ME American chic or something! But I know I am not the only one, I read somewhere that the US Luge Olympic team is even planning to launch a Bitcoin project later in the year, but we are definitely at the front of the pack and I don’t think anyone will have seen what we will be doing in MMA now and over the next few months! ”


 Andy’s current Logo’s for her KOTC fight! Do you use Crypto Currency? Do you have any ideas for Crypto QR codes Andy should add?