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Nathan Priano
Nathan Priano1 month ago

ANDY NICE FIGHT you still # 1 in my book

Nathan Priano
Nathan Priano1 month ago

Hey guys King of the Cage fscebook page will have Crasians fight on Facebook live at 7:30 central I just so the add


TC Allen
TC Allen1 month ago

Did you start out as a ring girl?

Þorri Birgir Þorsteinsson
Þorri Birgir ÞorsteinssonÞorri Birgir Þorsteinsson shared a video to Andy "CrAsian" Nguyen's timeline.6 months ago

Yea but i got tree of those belts so who gives a fuck 💯🤣

Þorri Birgir Þorsteinsson
Funny MMA
She's doing her best Conor impression. I don't think it's very good though. She's actually defending her championship. - admin Frankly
Nathan Priano
Nathan Priano2 years ago

Good luck with your fight kick butt don't take names

Julian Rico
Julian Rico2 years ago

Loved your last fight with Santiago! No competition!!!! I know we will be seeing allot more from you! Excited to watch u rise to the top!

Marc Armstrong
Marc Armstrong2 years ago

Just want to congratulate you in your win, excellent stuff

Homer Roberts
Homer Roberts2 years ago

Prize posession from an amazing lady

Nathan Priano
Nathan Priano2 years ago

OMG found Andy facebook page don't tell KGB she might think you stealing fans haha

Robert Visitacion
Robert Visitacion2 years ago

Congratulations on the win Andy!

Bryant Huff
Bryant Huff2 years ago

Message me home girl

Carolyn Figuereo
Carolyn Figuereo3 years ago

Hi Andy I love your fights! You're beautiful, too! What is your ethnicity?

Andy "CrAsian" Nguyen added a new photo.4 years ago
Andy "CrAsian" Nguyen added a new photo.4 years ago
Andy "CrAsian" Nguyen updated their cover photo.5 years ago
Claude Pilon
Claude Pilon5 years ago

Hi Andy! I am from Montreal and I just want to tell you that you are beautiful and I like very much the women fighters like you who are into MMA. All the best of luck for your future fights in 2013.