As all the athletes were getting bussed back into the hotel from the arena.

Andy sent a quick message to us, because she wanted to convey her thoughts on her friends UFC debut and experience in Chile.

So Congratulations to Andrea and the team on such a great debut! And over to Andy!

Congratulations to Andrea,

It was a crazy fun rollercoaster of a week and I was stressed!

Not because I didn’t believe in my bestie, but because it can be rocky when things aren’t smooth…. No matter how fit you are. Fighting is still at least 80% mental.

Not only did KGB win her debut, impress the crowd, and finished it all off with a “Fight of the Night Bonus” of $50k for the cherry on top, of a stressful week.

I’m so so happy to see you happy! We did it! She got the BONUS! This was her ultimate goal beyond a “W”.

It’s crazy because backstage we were thinking, so and so had a good performance, or how Andrea was really rusty. Etc…

So I just wanted to post this message, that if the UFC think that was FOTN….. Shieeeettt….

You better thune into her next fight then! That was nuthin’ Lol! 😂– Andy


Having watched all of Andrea’s old InvictaFC and LFA title defence fight’s I have to definitely agree.

She will certainly be one to keep an eye out for in the newly minted 125 UFC division!

Congratulations again to her and the Karate Mafia team!