It’s been a rough few months for our Andy. Losing a few fights in a row, having to deal with her father’s passing, losing a regular sponsor (due to failing health, issues), and of course still trying to be a human like the rest of us and raise a son and deal with all of the normal family issues we all have.

Before spending the 6-8 hrs a day in a gym on the mats plus travel time everyday of the week for it only to come down to 15 or less for a ‘4 month wait’ to determine how much she will actually end up being paid for those 4 months.

That reminds me! 

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ANYHOO…. Back to the actual story, sorry I did a shameful plug and money request there! Lol!

Andy never will so I did! Sorry….

So she finally got some closure by her trip to Vietnam as per the previous article. And although it was a stretch to make the trip she felt it has put her mentally into a mindset that she had been missing since her father’s passing…

 I honestly don’t know how human emotions work in such a simple, but powerful way.

When you can tell yourself something over and over, like it’s ok, and going to visit my father’s homeland won’t make any difference because it’s the memories you have that determine every emotion and I have spent my entire life and career dedicated with keeping emotions in check just so I can perform at my optimal levels and not make stupid decisions or mistakes. 

And yet once I got hear I couldn’t help but find that feeling of warmth fall all over me. It was a mixture of my father’s closure from his passing and finally being able to put that in place, right through to knowing I was honoured to be able to represeny heritage in being the 1st female Vietnamese world champion on my sport and I felt so great being able to give a huge and state of the art gym in Saigon Sports Club a wall mount to represent that. I just felt blessed to be even able to represent my heritage! It really was a boost in energy.

And oh my god the people there are just amazing! The support from the gym owner to staff, even hotel or places I went to. Everyone was just so so incredibly nice. It was a real pleasure to make the trip and I know it put me into a mich stronger mental state, that I have been lacking since my father’s passing.

I mean for me I can see it even in my daily training and the WAY I am focusing now.

I can just FEEL it again. It’s all starting to come back together where it should be.

I can’t wait for May the 4th. There’s going to be some fun, a bit of blood, some elbows, and drinks with Cassie after I finish her!

I really like Cassie too by the way, she’s great, so I’m sure it’s going to be a great fight! But business is business until we go drink afterwards! Lol!


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Andy – Saigon tested, battle ready for KOTC!