Andy Nguyen, recently did her best impersonation Conor McGregor.

Wearing a bikini, fur coat, MMA gloves, and her championship belt, Nguyen walked around pretending she was the popular UFC star.

Nguyen poked fun at herself for losing her King of the Cage atom-weight title last weekend.

When asked if she just lost on Saturday, Nguyen responded by trying to talk like McGregor.

“Yeah, but I got three of these belts, so who gives a fook”


Prior to losing her title, Nguyen won three other title fights in King of the Cage.

Additionally when asked about her Rizin Fight against Rena her reply was simple…

“Yah I’m fighting for Rizin next, but who the fook is Rena? ”


Not one to ever trash talk any of her opponents, it appears that perhaps Nguyen, took a little offense to her Rizin opponent chocking out a “picture” of her at the Rizin press conference, and is playing it back in her own way without directly attacking her opponent.

In the video below, you can watch Nguyen give her best McGregor impression. She may may not sound like Conor, but she sure looks good trying.

Nguyen is currently scheduled to fight in the quarterfinals of RIZIN’s atomweight tournament. On Oct. 15, Nguyen will fight undefeated atomweight fighter Rena Kubota in where one of the two are expected to do well and take home the final tournament earnings in the 1st RIZIN women’s Tournament event.