Andy got to blow off a little steam after her world title defense in a mini holiday down in Miami Florida.

She also got to have some fun and entertain her son and his girlfriend on snapchat (video below!)

After a grueling 5 round war in Cali, where a lot of Andy’s family and friends came out to support her. Andy took home the title again in what seems to be one she is destined to keep as Bi Nguyen was definitely her toughest opponent actually having a win over her in the past.

Dubbed the Nguyen/Nguyen battle (WIN/WIN) or #getyournameback Fights! Previously Andy had come up slightly short in a smaller promotion when the scores went to the judges. This time around however while still a very competitive match it was a lot clearer that Andy had won the fight.

Her Uncle while cheering throughout the match Andy said didn’t want to hug her afterwards because of all of Bi’s blood all over her outfit!


After the fight Andy took a mini holiday from her 3rd title bout and defense and went to miami.

She was away from her son for mother’s day, so decided to have some fun and snapchat him and his girlfriend. In typical Andy fashion make them laugh and enjoy the day even though they could not be together. Below is some video shots of Andy on her holiday. Enjoy!