Well when you think of Vietnam you often not only think of Andy the “CrAsian”Nguyen. But also a pretty awesome place to go for a holiday!

Everything from good quality cheap food, to beautiful beaches, right down to the 5 star resort ex-pat lifestyle.

But not many casual fitness people know about the hidden gem in this part of Asia called “Saigon Sports Club”.

It’s facilities are so good I’m not sure you could really give it an accurate description in writing. Olympic weightlifters, to professional boxers, Muay Thai athletes, MMA professionals they all come from around the world to this MASSIVE complex to get their sweat on. I could go on about the latest tech or the massive space and multitude of equipment they have on offer but I thought it’s easier to just show a short intro clip!

Ya why do the work when someone has done it for you! (I agree! Train smart, wrote smart! I say!)

Anyway as you can see it’s not only extremely well equipped but boasts to be the largest facility of its type in the world. And Andy is circurren taking a trip there!

So Why Vietnam?

Well my father recently passed away and I wanted some closure as he was buried back here. I am from a Vietnamese heritage obviously. And I also thought it would be a great opportunity to get closure, but also visit SSC at the same time as I had always heard about its reputation.



Your thoughts on SSC and Vietnam?

Omg I LOOOVVVEEE it here! I had a 90min hot stone massage for like $11, and everyone is so nice!

I  also got my dad’s signature and the Vietnam map as a new tattoo on my arm as part of my closure and memory for him.

And the Saigon Sports Club is insane! Seriously! Lol I was sparring with this girl in Muay Thai and she dropped me like three times with trips and the third one I went to armbar her out of habit before I realised what I was doing! Lol it was funny, some people were like who is this looney, and other people laughed because they knew my background.

I also felt really honoured to be able to give them a gift. Being the 1st professional Vietnamese female MMA world champion. (3 time but who’s counting!)

So that was really special too because it made me feel a bit of pride. It’s one thing to always like to represent your heritage but another to get the opportunity to show you appreciate it.


Andy’s gift to SSC

Anything else you want to add?

I’ve only been here a few days, but am headed to the beach Tuesday, so I am sure I will have plenty of more to tell by then. But so far all I can say is the weather is awesome, the people are awesome, and everything is awesome!


Stay tuned for more from Vietnam and SSC this week!