*Below this article is when we originally interviewed Andy on her return to KOTC, and her reset for the NEW YEAR given all of the craziness she had endured over the past one!

So much can change in such a short time! Welcome to the fight game!

As of today, she has a solid mindset, she has been training in Vietnam and back at Karate Mafia and the event for KOTC sold out in under 2 weeks! To top it all off she was informed a week out that the bout would be at “catch-weight” of 110 pounds and it’s looking like while Andy will make weight Cassie will be off by a couple still! Making it an overweight catch weight! So although she was ready for 105, she is now ready for 110-115 pounds. (depending where the rankings log it)

I asked her what this meant for her emotionally and how she felt leading up to it all, given she had worked so hard on putting herself mentally back into the right frame of mind since her fathers passing:

Honestly Shit happens! Welcome to the fight game! What can you do? I don’t really think differently of it at all. I was on the other side of things going back to RIZIN with Rena and was out by less than .02 of a kg and Rena didn’t want to take the fight unless all sorts of conditions were met. This left me in a wreck mentally the day before and I learnt a lot, with everything from long flight times, to how others view it. (nothing personal for anyone its just business). So I simply take it in stride and look at it as part of a ‘business’ deal to work out. Nothing more nothing less today. No point wasting energy over it.

I’m just ready to get in there and make a statement this fight! And enjoy some drinks with Cassie after I beat her! LoL! – Andy


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Posted by King of the Cage (KOTC) on Thursday, May 3, 2018


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The CrAsian is heading back into the KOTC arena!

Some strange things and bad luck have been the tail of the tape for Andy the ‘CrAsian’ Nguyen right up until this Chinese New Year! 

Perhaps year of the dog is an apt one, given Andy’s ability to endure and see clarity after the storm of her last year.

With the loss to Rena Kubota in a near win finish at the RIZIN GP, to the passing of her father, where she took a fight that perhaps was more for her emotional health than a ranking strategy during his mourning period.

Right down to Twitter losing 4,000 of her followers AGAIN! (it happened for about a month or so a year ago! Maybe they think shess an Asian spy? Because she has a lot of Asian fans?🤓 Lol)

Regardless it’s been a strange and trying 10 or 12 months for the atom weight who only 1 year ago was seconds away from choking out Japans biggest WMMA star infronI of 30,000 people and a live audience of over 19 million people between Japan and Russia alone! (Numbers that would make UFC brass cry with joy!)

I asked her about this, and if it was even possible to sum up such a year to explain to people and how she has taken it in her stride and to still be pushing forward and know exactly where she stands today, what she needs to work on and most importantly,  what got her success, and the hurdles that set her back, and what are needed to regain her position as one of the “MUST WATCH” fighters that made her famous in Japan and has people tune into her fights.

Thoughts on her and where she stands today in MMA?

I’m not sure if there is any simple formula or answer to that question to be honest.

But I learnt a LOT from my dad’s  death. It put me into an emotional position I wasn’t ready for at the time.

As professional athletes we are used to a lot of routine. So this really threw me out not just in my preparation for my fight but emotionally I was lost.  I definitely take nothing away from Kate Saul and her victory. Infact if anything they came in with a brilliant game plan and I was probably  a little too emotional to realise it all, but as strange as it sounds I needed that fight to help with my own healing process.

So I cannot thank Kate her team and Terry from King of the Cage for their support enough in that time. I will always treasure it.

It’s these people that I have so much respect for in the sport and what makes the industry so great on the opposite side of the cutthroat end.

As far as my goals for this year, I definitely want to get back to Japan in some way or another this year. I really love RIZIN and the fans there. I feel at home fighting there but I have KOTC and Cassie on my plate first. And perhaps feel my biggest weakness is on the ground. But it’s something that’s always evolving in all aspects.

How you feel about your next match?

Cassie and I have not only fought once before when I defended my title. But we have also become friends when I was training with Sharon Jacobson in Colorado.

She’s such a lovely person, and put on a great perfomance in her  last outting so I can’t leave anything to chance with her. But I know we will have a few drinks after and celebrate a tough fight! Cinco Da Mayo baby! 🤣


So we have a date, an opponent, a venue and now a whole lot of waiting until the rematch!

What are your thoughts? Who do you think will win and how?