A full-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter involves a laundry list of things one must constantly work on.

Between conditioning, striking, clinch work and grappling. A key to the life style is recovery. A fighter cannot train 24-7.

So what does The Champ do in her off time? What kind of things hold her interest? Well, we asked her.

Every morning she starts the day off with a couple cups of coffee.

The coffee better have whipped cream in it, or someone might get knee’d in the face.

After the wake up cup. Lets knock out a few miles of running while listening to some Dance/Pop music. Following that up with sprints and agility.

Then. Lets hit the gym and push some weights around. That sounds like a good full day of training…….NOPE. Now the fun is just about to start. Looking at the clock. It’s time to check out several hour of Muay Thai or another specific discipline.

You might be thinking, that this was about her hobbies. Well as a World Champion, everyday has some type of training. So before any fun hobbies can take place. Work has to be put in.

Being in the gym all day. Nothing can take your mind off of your aches and pains like watching a good movie. What are some of The CrAsian’s favorite movies? Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Lets Be Cops, Zoolander, Dumb & Dumber and Forgetting Sara Marshall. Just whatever you do. Keep the TV off the Horror Movies.

“I CANNOT DO HORROR MOVIES” Andy said. So if you don’t want black eyes or bruised ribs. Keep the shows funny.


Other hobbies include; Shooting guns, Billiards, Cooking, Hitting the Batting Cage and Golf. Although a few days off from training might be needed to clean the dust from her Golf Clubs she said. Andy loves music. From 80’s Rock to 90’s Rap. (But not too big on today’s Rap). Some of her favorites are The Dave Mathews Band, Kings of Leon, Nirvana and Fuel.

Getting to know The CrAsian a bit. She is an outgoing professional fighter that likes to have fun and be a little goofy. Loves to hang out and have fun. As long as you keep her away from the Roller Coasters. She’d rather be in the ring/cage, than be anywhere near a coaster!!