Deep Jewels 16 takes place May 20, in Tokyo Japan. WMMA Rankings tweeted out on April 23, that one of the bouts on the card is 24 year old Momoko Yamazaki vs 12 year old “MoMo”…….Yup, that’s right. 12 years old.

Mizuki Inoue made her professional debut at 16 years of age during Jewels 10th Ring and won by submission. But Jewels is going even deeper this time.

Or should I Say younger. Younger by four years. Yamazaki has fought five times already. And by her own admission. She will show 12 year old MoMo NO MERCY!

she commented saying…

” I will participate in amateur rules. Because I was missed due to a previous injury, I will be careful not to get hurt this time. When you look for your opponent in your class, LOL, smile becoming a super junior high school student. The size of the body does not change. Career is much longer than mine. I think that it is a fairly strong child, so I will defeat her without mercy. Thank you for your support!”


This bout will take place under amateur rules. The bout will be at the lowest weight class possible of 95lbs.

It is rumoured that young MoMo will give up about 9 pounds along with 12 years of age. So this could end up looking more like an exhibition match. Or it could be a legit WMMA match with limited rules.

Either way as Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen said it best about the match. “Hopefully the refs are very careful and are watching closely”.