Andy has fought for RIZIN in both Tokyo and Fukuoka Japan.

She has competed in the Worlds first and Biggest Atom Weight Grand Prix. Additionally defeating Miyuu Yamamoto (part of the famous Yamamoto MMA fighting family!)

She is perhaps known in Japan not only for her “Bushido” (fighting spirit) but also her creative and fan friendly walkouts that are always fun and engaging for the crowd!

Andy ‘The CrAsian’ (or ‘Mad Queen’ for the Japanese fans) of the Ring has a very popular reputation for being an athlete to truly embrace the Japanese rules and spirit of the RIZIN promotion. From the opening bell simply going for the finish and giving her all! Because of this she has proven to be one of the favorites in her weight class and many of her local Japanese peers enjoy the challenge to test themselves against her as she understands exactly what is required to help make RIZIN such a great show and promotion!

About RIZIN – Why is it different to Western MMA? It’s History…

Whilst Western Mixed Martial Arts (UFC, Bellator, Cage Warriors, RFA etc..) is now quite unified and follows the lead of the UFC and the rules it generally launches and establishes.

RIZIN’s history began way back with PRIDE the UFC’s biggest competition ever. Going back to 1997 and was founded by RIZIN’s current president Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

The “older” fans will know already but for the younger generations to give you a quick comparison/understanding PRIDE still holds the world record for the largest MMA crowd at an event of over 91,000 compared to even today’s UFC’s Melbourne’s company record of 65,000.

* One of the many famous rivalries Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson

RIZIN today unfortunately for the USA and many western nations has an extremely good TV deal with Japan, Russia and some other Asian nations where they regularly get over 10 million viewers per card in Japan alone (compared to a UFC Fox average rating of 1.2 million in the USA).

So why am I explaining these figures? No it’s not to say one is better than the other in any way at all! Simply to explain the reason as to why RIZIN has no need to try and

emulate the UFC or be “like” the UFC. They are successful enough in their part of the world already with how they operate, and it is also why the UFC struggles to get a strong foot hold in the region. This EXACT same issue applied 20 years ago and the UFC was forced to purchase PRIDE as the only solution.

You can be thankful for the UFC’s explosive growth of talent from the 2007 on wards due to this where everyone from Rampage Jackson, Anderson Silva, Fabrício Werdum, Mark Hunt, and an endless list of athletes joined the ranks of the UFC.

Pride Bushido – RIZIN continues this spirit! – 1st time viewer advice!

“The way of the warrior”. Today, in the spirit of the samurai from Japan, RIZIN continues PRIDES competition style the “way of the warrior” with its mixed martial arts events.

Featuring a mixture of elite fighters as well as young up and coming talent, BUSHIDO presents the entire spectrum of weight classes, from lightweight classes to heavy weights.

* Weigh in costumes for self expression are welcomed

In true Japanese MMA tradition, fan and stadium engagement are a critical part of the promotion. After a win an athlete has “earnt the right” to speak to the crowd and the promotion (bosses). Here they can call out other fighters to request future matches. Tell the crowd what they thought of their opponent or performance. Or anything! They have earnt that right! Again it is a mindset shift that needs to be understood between western mma. for example. Many athletes will apologize if they feel they did not get a finish even if they won convincingly. Others will call out another fighter, not for a ranking but to settle a score for their camps ‘honor’ because one of their teammates lost to someone else….

In the 2017 NYE show one athlete spoke about a stray cat that he looked after during his training, that had passed away while he tried to care for it, but that he simply wanted people to know that all life is important and that (knowing 12 million odd people were watching) it was an opportunity for him to tell the world that the animal had existed and meant something special to him.

This is what and Japanese MMA is all about! Not worrying about bells, giving it your all, and earning your right to address the public and literally say what you want! It’s sometimes a little strange, controversial, beautiful and what makes it always entertaining!

The rules too are also very different, but obviously here is simply to give those unfamiliar a better understanding as to why Japanese MMA is so different from what many in the western world see and also why it does not try to emulate the UFC like all the others.

I think in short if you have never watched it before, the best way to view RIZIN is to watch it without any expectation and simply try to understand that there is a reason behind almost everything.

It is not something to be compared to the UFC, as it is not designed to be like the UFC.

An example of RIZIN (the walkout / Bushido way / the win gives you the right to say whatever you like! – Everything has a meaning behind it!)



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Current RIZIN Atom Weight Athletes

  • Kanna Asakura (C)
  • Rena Kubota
  • Andy Nguyen
  • Irene Cabello Rivera
  • Alyssa Garcia
  • Sylwia Juśkiewicz
  • Miyuu Yamamoto
  • Maria Oliveira
  • Cassie Rob