Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen returns to the ring October 15th in the opening round of Rizin’ Atomweight GP against Japanese Shoot Fighting star RENA. Andy is excited to get back in there and put on a show as only she knows how to do. Also on the card is a grappling match between MMA Icons, Dan Henderson and Sakuraba.

Women’s Super Atom Weight GP Opening Round:
RENA vs Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen
Miyuu Yamamoto vs Irene Rivera
Saori Ishioka / Kanna Asakura vs Sylwia Juskiewicz
Alyssa Garcia vs Maria Oliveira

Bantamweight GP opening round Bracket B:
Shintaro Ishiwatari vs Akhmed Musakaev
Erson Yamamoto vs Manel Kape

Special Grappling match
Kazushi Sakuraba vs Dan Henderson

“Brackets for the women’s Super Atom weight GP have been determined and the winner of RENA vs. Andy Nguyen and Miyuu Yamamoto vs Irene Rivera will be facing each other in the semi finals. The winner of Alyssa Garcia vs. Maria Oliveira and Sywia Juskiewicz vs Asakura / Ishioka will be facing
each other in the other semi final fight.

Miyuu Yamamoto (1-2) will be facing Irene Rivera (6-4) from Spain, Josh Barnett’s protégé Alyssa Garcia (3-3) will be facing Angel’s & Fight champion Maria Oliveira (9-2), and the winner of Saori Ishioka (15-10) vs Kanna Asakura (7-2) will be taking on Poland’s Sylwia Juskiewicz (6-4).”

in quotes is from an article written by Kirik Jenness over at The Underground. Full Article here