I’m not gonna lie! It looks like HEAPS OF FUN and is for CHARITY, so you can never debate good morals and intentions.

But sadly for all the non locals that could not attend they seemed to miss the mark a little on the online setup.

Enter the one of 2 live streams that aren’t working

here and here

Sadly not working….

And then there’s the voting categories….

Where you can vote for the judges?  But not Andy she is missing? So probably not the most organized online event ever, bit perhaps at least the stream will be working by the time of this post? And besides it’s all for fun and CHARITY.

So my SOLUTION to it a is this,  here’s a few pics of Andy pre “dance mode” and I say if think she deserves to win and want to chip in a few dollars towards the charity (anything you like). 

Simply use the PayPal option in Andy’s store and then put in the notes “FOR CHARITY / DANCING WITH THE STARS” or something clearly noticeable. And Andy can collect and forward it to the organisers.


Watch the dance competition as it is broadcasted live from the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The event will be shown locally on WWMB CW21.

Consult your local cable or satellite provider for the channel number in your city. Not in the local area? Watch the Live TV Streaming on :

Look for the link to Dancing with the Horry County Stars. As you watch, don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite STAR and PRO dancers at

Our 11 couples will be competing for the top place in skills competition and also for the top three places in fundraising for the Horry County K-12 Foundation. This is the tenth year of this competition. #DWHCS2017 .

DWHCS – The Live Competition Myrtle Beach Horry Marina Inn at Grande Dunes saturday, november 18, 2017 – Events Myrtle Beach –