Well as you may or may not be aware (Front page Duh!) Andy has become somewhat of a crypto currency fan!

She will be the very 1st to admit she is still learning about the different concepts (or massive amounts of projects out there) and still has a little trouble wrapping her head around some of the big ones.

It’s not easy for those that know nothing of the industry who are one day told you and everyone else on the world can be your very own Bank and be able to wrap your head around this concept!

So it can be extremely confusing when you start to read about it and find out that’s just the beginning of what’s going on!

But it’s a large mental shift for many who are used to just letting a 3rd party like a bank hold your wealth. You have to LEARN how to OWN your money! It is something we have been taught for thousands of years! And to shift this way of thinking is well… To put it mildly is changing how people thought about communicating on Skype or the internet instead of of the telephone or talking in person BEFORE you could see it in action!

It might sound simple enough, but most people are used to giving the bank their money and when they want it they ask for it back! 

So people don’t ACTUALLY OWN or manage their money. But for the first time since the Roman empire (or you could technically go back further to 2000 BC) people will again have a “choice” that works in everyday living and is viable as an alternative.

However like everything there’s a catch to new technology as it grows!

When you become your own bank. You have to store it yourself and must learn to keep it secure! It’s a tiny thing I know (Like not losing your wallet, but with your savings account!). But you would be AMAZED at how many people FAIL to do this!

Every single hack or theft of crypto currency is not any error in the coins it’s people failing to do this! To keep their OWN money securely! Crazy hey!

So Why am I talking so much about Crypto Currency?

Well when Andy found out about Stellar.org a NON PROFIT project to help provide banking to the nearly 2.5 billion ‘unbanked’ (people without a bank account) around the world it seemed like too good of a cause not to help promote a little.

For example someone living in Africa or India who has no way of getting to a bank, can now simply use their phone and tranfer a stellar “lumen” (XLM) to each other that has a REAL WORLD ASSET VALUE. And the transfer takes 3-7 seconds.

So it could be selling a neighbor loaf of bread, or fixing a piece of farm machinery and just tapping the phone and they are done! For example, some areas of Africa and India you have to travel hundreds of miles to exchange paper notes, but can get phone reception anywhere, and most of these people cannot read or write so opening a bank account is basically pointless if they have to travel hundreds of miles to deposit something and back again. Let alone provide identification when they would not own a birth certificate or drivers licence etc..

Or even take some western nations in today’s sad situations such as in Venezuela or Greece or Spain, where the banks and governments STOPPED people from withdrawing their own money from the banks and ATM’s in those nations and placed a weekly limit on withdrawals to help fight inflation. This cannot be done if you are your OWN BANK!

So projects like these not only help a 3rd of the world’s UNBANKED population gain access to a basic fast monetary system that is available without borders.

But it also provides an alternative to things like Western union, or Paypal, Android and iPay or even your own bank, where the user has complete control over their own financial situation and there is no 3rd party only other users in the network unless you cash out back into Fiat (paper like the USD or Yen etc.)

I got Andy’s take as she was the one that decided to actually promote this project (no promoting or aid from the organisation, just something she did as we thought the cause was a good one).

We will reach out to them just to make them aware and ensure they are happy for us to use their video and public content however etc.

It really is such a crazy and amazing industry the crypto currency market. I mean you have everything from people making full decentralized Internet that no government can ever sensor.

Right through to a project called “gollem” that is basically a way of joining everyone’s spare computer power together to make a bad-ass supercomputer you can hire! Lol!

I think this industry is REALLY going to change the way we live in the next 10 years just like when the internet first came around and people started to realize it wasn’t just for email and porn! Lol.

The hard part is finding really good projects that are going to help people and be around in the future.

There are still a lot of one’s I look at and just think either it’s crazy I’m not smart enough to understand what they see that I don’t. Only time will tell the good ones because they will survive because people will use them. 

And the HARDEST Freaking part by far is getting your foot in the door and used to dealing with this new market! Its hard enough for people in the US just to find a good company that you can use as an exchange. Most of them have waiting lists! It’s crazy! So it will take time just like all good things.

But it’s a brave new world out there and there are some amazing things happening that will change the way we look at things forever I have no doubt, and that’s what I’m excited about the most.


If you want to know more about the Stellar project you can watch the video below and certainly get started by using it / trying it out the next time you want to send anyone money overseas and save yourself those annoying bank fee’s.

And yes just like Bitcoin you can also choose to “invest” in it and hope to make money from it that way if you like.

But this article is about it’s project use, not the holding / investment side of the market. Just because it’s a great non profit project that really can deliver to BILLIONS of unbanked people today! Not something “in the works” or a “maybe coming soon”.

It’s a real live working solution made possible through this new industry that so many are yet to understand!

Sadly as Andy pointed out for the US market there does seem to be a lot of slow legislation around crypto currency exchanges. I would have recommended Bittrex but they have closed off applications due to an overload of requests. They have hundreds of thousands in backlog apparently. So you simply have to find out what works for you if you are interested in this area, I am not a financial advisor

As for the rest of the world give it a go! It’s pretty damn fast and simple to use and works with any Ledger wallet for those that keep their money offline (Best practice!) Also I hear the lightning network is going to be added to it later in 2018! – yah I’m getting nerdy now! Shhhhh….


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